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The following are some of the quality services we offer and we are confident to deliver high quality services at very reasonable price to meet your landscaping needs :

Landscaping Design Services Singapore


Green roofs are one of the most exciting developments in sustainable building design.  Sometimes called vegetated roofs, eco roofs, or living roofs, green roofs offer a number of sustainable advantages on an otherwise empty, unused space. The key environmental benefits include reducing storm water run-off, offering quality insulation, improving air quality, reducing noise pollution and extending life of the roof system.

Landscaping Design Services Singapore


A green wall is a wall partially or completely covered with vegetation that includes a growing medium, such as soil.

Green walls are also known as living walls, biowalls, ecowalls, or vertical gardens. They may be indoors or outside, freestanding or attached to an existing wall.

Landscaping Design Services Singapore


Landscape design focuses on both the integrated master landscape planning of a property and the specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it.

It is often divided into hardscape design and softscape design.

Landscaping Design Services Singapore


Creating your own Thematic Garden with unique features and enjoy nature in all its splendor while relaxing amidst your cozy creation?

Thematic Garden comes in various themes such as the Rose Garden, the Alpine Garden, the Shade Garden, to name a few. You will sure be mesmerized by this little Garden concept, more so when you have a part in its creation, partnering us.

Landscaping Design Services Singapore


A terrarium is a mini indoor garden in a glass container. Inside the glass are variety of plants such as ferns, mosses, succulents, and cacti.  

A terrarium will add a bit of outdoor beauty and peace to any living space. The most recent design incorporates water features which bring a complete new look and feel to the overall creation.

Landscaping Design Services Singapore


A water feature is one or more items from a range of fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams. It may be indoor or outdoor and can be any size.

Get inspired and enhance your living space with the melodious sound of water from our wide range of water features which provide a soothing ambience for your beautiful home.  

Landscaping Design Services Singapore


Landscape maintenance is also known as groundskeeping. Its purpose is to keep a landscape (eg. a garden, yard, park, Institutional setting or estate) healthy, clean, safe and attractive.

In landscape maintenance, we plan or carry out annual plantings and harvestings, periodic weeding and fertilizing, path maintenance and other jobs for protecting and improving the topsoil, plants and garden accessories.  



Natural wood decking is a durable way to create platforms, verandas, different levels or walkways in gardens and outdoor spaces. A well designed raised timber deck not only help to extend the feel of the home, it also provides a congenial extension to the inside living area.

Decking is particularly suited to roof gardens and is also a pleasing surface to use alongside water features like swimming pools and ponds. The trellises commonly used are natural wood to provide durability and the element of nature.

Landscaping Design Services Singapore


Transforming your turf into a lush piece of green lawn and be delighted by the natural greenery, be it for domestic family lawns or commercial properties!

Our turfing services such as topsoil filling, subsoil system installation, maintenance and etc. coupled with our great workmanship will help to transform your place into a total different experience.

Landscaping Design Services Singapore


An irrigation system is a method of delivering water to an area where it is needed, but not normally present in the required amounts. It ensures the right amount of water is supplied without overdoing it and damaging the soil or vegetation.

Generally, it is used for landscaping or agriculture purposes. Different factors determine the effectiveness of the irrigation, which include the type of delivery system and the conditions at its time of use.


Landscaping Design Services Singapore


Soil may be contaminated by any number of toxins, from animal urine to excessive use of pesticides or other chemicals resulting in the soil’s inability to support vegetative growth. As water drains through the soil, it further proliferates the contamination and pose threat to our water supply.

Remedying contaminated soil can be an involved and elaborated process, depending on the type and degree of contamination involved. In soft treatment, the process of contamination evaluation, soil cleaning and soil replacement will help to identify the extent of the contamination and remedy the problems and transform the contaminated sites and groundwater back to environmentally acceptable condition.




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